Many industries make extensive use of DYE INTERMEDIATES as they lend themselves to being suitable to various applications.
Moreover, these also act as raw materials for the production of direct, acid and reactive dyes.

To follow is our DYE INTERMEDIATES product range.

1Para Amino Azo Benzene – 4 – Sulphonic Acid104-23-4
22 Nitro 4 Amino Diphynil Amine 4 Sulphonic Acid135-11-5
3Ortho Amino Phenol 4 Sulphonic Acid Amino Phenol 4 Sulphonic Acid98-37-32
42.4 Xylidine 6 Sulphonic Acid Amino-3, 5 Xylene Sulphonic Acid88-22-2
5Schaffer’s Acid (pottasium Salt) Napthol 6 Sulphonic Acid93-01-062
6Metanilic Acid121-47-1
74-amino Di-phenyle Amine 2-sulphonic Acid91-30-5
8Bronner’s Acid93-00-5
94:4 Diamino Diphenyl Amine 2 Sul. Acid119-70-0
10Ortho Toludine 5 Sulphonic Acidna
114 Nitro 2 Amino Phenol99-57-0
123-4 Dichloro Aniline 6 Sulphonic Acid6331-96-0
134 Sulfo Anthranilic Acid83763-37-5
143-5 Diamino Benzoic Acid535-87-5
15Hydrazone Of 4 Sulfo Anthranilic Acid118969-29-2
16Dehydro Thio Para Toluene Sulfonic Acid130-17-6
173 Methoxy 4 Amino Azo Benzene 3 Sulphonic Acid138-28-3
184-4 Di-amino Stilbiene 2-2 Di-sulphonic Acid81-11-8
194-4 Di-nitro Stilbiene 2-2 Di-sulphonic Acid128-42-7
20Para Nitro Toluene Ortho Sulphonic Acid121-03-9
214-amino 4-nitro Stilbene 2-2 Di Sulphonic Acid119-72-2