The leather dyeing process is an ancient activity, however the current needs of leather manufacturers are not limited to products that only meet their needs in terms of colour shades. Today professional dyestuffs must be highly performing, enhance product characteristics and environmentally friendly.

ITALTOP is our range of ACID DYES with high concentration, excellent for dyeing full grain leather, nubuk, suede or split.

We produce a different selection of dyes, with high fastness to light, metal-complex or metal-free on demand.

Then we have a range called ITALPEN, special dyes with very good penetration excellent for leather with high thickness.

Fastness To Light
Fastness To Alkali
Fastness To Acids
Dyeing Hard Water
Penetration Box
Penetration Suede
Solubility G/I 60° C
Solubility G/I 20° C
Yellow O3-4354-5534-54020
Yellow MS32-333-443-43-44020
Yellow AR43444335040
Orange GN3355534-55030
Orange 2G33-44-543-433-46050
Red C2-3554-55247050
Red 4BS2-34-54-5442-336030
Red BR33443245040
Red BB2-355441-23-48060
Red Violet 10B23344234030
Bordeaux MB4-5454-54-5247050
Bordeaux V3-44-554-54-51-23-47050
Violet BN23345234030
Blue 5RN3-43342246040
Blue MR4-53-4442-33-448060
Dark Blue BN33443245040
Turquoise GL334-53-4323-43020
Green GBGN3-44-5343243020
Green L3-42544-5246040
Olive PV3-433442-334020
Olive BG43-4343247050
Beige L43343346050
Beige FL4333-4333-46050
Brown HH3-4334334-58060
Brown HHY3-43-4444346050
Brown 2GB3-433-445248060
Brown 2GB3-433-445248060
Brown CG3-43445247060
Brown CGS3-433-444247060
Brown HO433-4452-348060
Brown HG433-444337050
Brown G4-53333446040
Brown R44444348060
Brown MFR4-53-44442-348070
Brown HBR433443-445040
Brown SR44444244030
Brown TCR3-44545246050
Brown DR444-545246050
Brown NR44545346050
Brown RL4-525443-444030
Brown NT44434336040
Brown DGR3-444-5443-445040
Brown IDS4554-5534-56050
Brown SG3-43-4444245040
Brown BTM44444245040
Brown GR4-53443246050
Brown BL4-53-4444546050
Brown 2RL4-53-4444446050
Grey W53535244020
Black NT42-3344445040
Black NTR42-3344445040
Black NTB42-3344445040
Black FT43-44-543344030
Black MSRL44443237060
Black SB43-4443344030
Black PN3-44443556050