ITALTHREN is our range of VAT DYES.
We have a complete range of shade including Blue Indigo (powder or granular) which can be used for cotton, wool, leather and other fibers.

General PropertiesFastness Properties
Stock Vat Method
Vatting Temperature
Colour of Reduced Vat
Light Fastness
Day Light
Washing Fastness
Soda Boil
Chlorine Bleaching
Hydrogen Peroxide
Yellow GCN
(C.I. Vat Yellow 2)
II60° CViolet60° C44-53-455
G. Yellow G
(C.I. Vat Orange 1)
I50° CBordeaux25° C5-63-44-54*-55
G. Orange 3G
I70° CBordeaux50° C5-63-44-54*-55
Orange FR
(C.I. Vat Orange 5)
II70° CYellow50° C4-543-444
Pink R
(C.I. Vat Red 1)
IV80° CYellow50° C54-54-544-5
Red 6B
(C.I. Vat Red 13)
II60° CBluish Green50° C4-54-54-54-55
Violet 2R
(C.I. Vat Violet 1)
II60° CBluish Green60° C64-54-54-55
Violet BR
(C.I. Vat Violet 3)
IV85-90° CYellow55° C54-544-54-5
Blue RSN
(C.I. Vat Blue 4)
II60° CBlue60° C64-53R4-54-5
Blue RR
(Ultra Reddish)
(C.I. Vat Blue 4)
III60° CBlue60° C74-54R2G4-5
Blue 4G
(C.I. Vat Blue 5)
II50° CYellow60° C74-54R2G4-5
Blue BC
(C.I. Vat Blue 6)
III70° CBlue50° C7-84-53-4R3G4-5
Dark Blue BO
(C.I. Vat Blue 20)
II70° CBlue60° C7-84-53R4-54-5
Green FFB
(C.I. Vat Green 1)
II80° CBlue60° C6-74-544-54-5
Green 2G
(C.I. Vat Green 2)
II60° CBlue60° C6-74-544-54-5
Olive B
(C.I. Vat Green 3)
III65-70° CBlue Black60° C84-544-54-5
Khaki 2G
(C.I. Vat Green 8)
II60° CDull Yellow Brown50° C6-74-53-44-54-5
Brown BR
(C.I. Vat Brown 1)
I60° CYellow Brown50° C7-854-54-54-5
Brown R
(C.I. Vat Brown 3)
I60° CReddish Yellow50° C754-54-54-5
Brown 2G
II60° CDull Yellow Brown50° C7-854-54-54-5
Brown G
II60° CDull Yellow Brown50° C7-854-54-54-5
Olive R
(C.I. Vat Black 27)
III60° CDull Reddish Brown60° C74-54-54-54-5
Olive T
(C.I. Vat Black 25)
II60° CGrey60° C7-84-54Y4-54-5
Grey 3B
(C.I. Vat Black 16)
II60° CViolet60° C6-74344
Black BB
(C.I. Vat Green 9)
II60° CDull Blue50° C84-53-44-54-5
Black CH
III60° CDull Blue70° C7-84-53Y55
Black AC
III60° CDull Blue50° C84-53-44-54-5